Operationalize your business with internal ticketing and approvals

Scale your organization with processes that automate internal tickets and approvals across your service teams.

Join the ranks of organizations, large and small who have the proper processes in place

1. Create templates & add to Catalog

Where do your employees currently go to submit a ticket to an internal department? Get your company catalog set up in minutes with over 75 flexible templates. Whether you’re in IT, ops, HR or finance, create your own fully-customized portal that employees can use to start every ticket.

2. Employee submits request 

To submit a request or ticket, employees navigate to the Jetdocs portal and select the relevant workflow. Whether it’s payroll setup, employee onboarding questions, expense reimbursements or software bugs, employees have a central place to kickstart their request.

3. Request is fast-tracked

Thanks to Jetdocs, these tickets and approvals don’t end up laying around in company group inboxes or messaging threads. With the assistance of our bot, tickets are routed to the right contact for approval or completion. Save hours with automatic triaging, priority dashboards and audit logs.

Your air traffic controller for your company’s ticketing needs

✅ Empower every business unit and department to create and configure their own repeatable workflows. 

Allocate company resources and ensure the right request is being fulfilled by the best employee.

Get insight and understanding into your companies network of requests.  

 Increase productivity, minimize waste and enhance your organization’s visibility and control.


The Jetdocs advantage

One central portal that every employee can navigate to start every internal ticket 

The right information to the right people

Your organizations business units have different needs, doesn’t it make sense that they have their own dedicated workflows? Free up request queue’s and route requests to the appropriate employee. This means less bottlenecks, efficient triaging and a high-performing organization. 

Multi-step approvals in one efficient way

Immediately provide value to everyone in the enterprise with speed and agility. Unifying departments, requests and workflows are essential to scale your organization. 

Reduce company wide resolution times and maximize velocity

Eliminate unnecessary back and forth emails and turn typically high-touch requests into streamlined workflows. Be proactive about business changes and allocate resources effectively.

Codeless configuration and non-IT modules out-of-the-box

With global templates and easy configuration from day 1, you can have your non-IT business units set up with workflows in no time. Start aligning business priorities, understanding your organization’s network of requests and increase your time to value with Jetdocs.


 Set up workflows for requests

that span every department.

IT & Support

Incidents, change management, asset requests and general ticketing workflows. It’s all possible with Jetdocs.

Human Resources

Handle requests for salary enquiries, onboarding new employees, handling requests for leave, changes to health plans, training and staffing as well as any general request.

Accounting and Finance

Requesting new company cards, approving expenses, sending invoices, tracking payments.


Reviewing and approving contracts, document feedback, certifying IP and copyright documents.

Software and Product

Submit bugs, feature requests, data integration requests. Ideas come from every organizational corner, make sure the best ones get on your roadmap.


Website copy changes, company wide creative assets, marketing ideas, conference ideas, company brainstorming.

Facilities & Building Services

Office supplies orders, office relocations, providing employee badges, office desk setup, courier services, booking meeting rooms.

Kudos & Praise

An organization is a collection of people. Send praise and credit where it’s due! Organize and collect into monthly company updates.

Those forms aren’t an effective solution for a growing organization

✅ Deliver excellent experiences for every person in your organization wherever they work. 

Self-service and cloud based for incredible deployment speed.

Free employee requests from email chains and improper channels. Organizations are only as fast as their systems. 

Get started with Jetdocs in minutes

Try it for yourself

Get your company catalog set up in minutes with over 75 templates out-of-the-box. Whether you’re in IT, Operations, HR or Finance, you’ll now have a central place to kick-start every internal request.

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