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Collaborative ticketing workflows for your internal teams. Get started in 2 minutes.

Jetdocs fully integrates with Microsoft Teams and Slack to get your internal tickets, requests and approvals resolved quickly. Easily customize your catalog, processes and workflows with our no-code builder.

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Jetdocs has been fantastic for our organization. Integration was seamless with our Teams environment and we’re now able to handle tickets that touch users across departments instead of multiple back and forth emails with endless attachments. We’d been looking for a solution that made it easy for our end-users. Stephan on the Jetdocs team has been very responsive.

Roy F.

VP, Operations

Stop using email and chat threads to handle internal tickets

Without Jetdocs

You navigate between group inboxes, messaging threads and rely on forwarding messages to get answers from different departments.

You are continuously ‘circling-back’ and asking ‘is this done yet?’ or ‘who’s finishing that up?’ at the expense of your bottom line.

Your same rudimentary processes drive the same results. You’re worried that implementing a solution will distract your team and be a big investment.

Your isolated systems require employees to navigate across a number of applications to get their work done. 

Grow with Jetdocs

One central location for your users. Quickly configure Jetdocs to handle tickets and workflows that touch multiple employees. 

Full visibility and transparency. With SLAs, priority levels, dynamic dashboards and more, your employees always know what’s happening.

10x faster set-up, seriously. Get set-up in minutes with over 80 no-code templates that come out of the box.
Integrate with Teams, Slack and Zapier to create your operating playbook that drives results and makes you look like a hero.

Employees used to send tickets through multiple channels. We provide one central location.

Maximize transparency across your teams with integrated dashboards for ticket submitters and responders.

With Queues, Priority Centers and rich SLA notifications, the right user is notified when they need to be.


Designing out who should auto-handle tickets used to take months. Now it’s minutes.

Have tickets dynamically routed to the right user or team in minutes.

Jetdocs provides the interface for your users to submit tickets, the controls for your teams to resolve them and the building blocks to create a powerful solution, no-code needed.


Keeping track of comments, links and analytics was broken. We fixed it. 

Every time you add data to a ticket, whether it’s longer request, more users or more cloud links – the complexity increases. Jetdocs Activity Log tracks everything from data object changes to re-assignment steps.

Need to loop in someone who isn’t typically involved? No problem, just @mention this user and they’re now part of the process.


Integrate ticketing workflows into your favorite platform

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