Jetdocs for Teams

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Integrate Microsoft Teams workflows and approvals where your employees are already working.

Stop searching through long messaging threads & group inboxes. Build repeatable processes that scale with Microsoft Teams workflows and Jetdocs.

microsoft teams workflows

The Microsoft Teams Workflow Advantage

Connect your teams and get requests, tickets and approvals resolved on time with Jetdocs for Teams. By integrating into the same platform your organization is already using, your employees can put an end to long messaging threads and too many notifications. Instead your employees can leverage their own customizable portal, dashboards for tracking statuses, approval steps for workflows and analytics to understand how your resources move. 

Benefits of Jetdocs for Microsoft Teams

  • One-click Teams integration
  • Fully-integrated notification bot
  • Unlimited Requests, Tickets and Issues
  • Dynamic workflows and approval processes
  • Activity Logs, Comments and Trails
  • Custom User Groups and Queues
  • Attachments/uploads with cloud support
  • Dashboards for submitters and responders
  • Live video onboarding support
  • Jetdocs Launchpad for Roles
  • Training Academy for detailed videos
  • Live chat support

Every request, routed to the right person.

With no code templates, get your request and ticketing hub set up the way you want in minutes (no engineering required).

microsoft teams workflows

The best of both worlds. Teams interface with full web app capabilities.

Combine the power of Teams and Jetdocs with slash commands, one-click Approve/Rejects, fully customizable workflows and thousands of integrations. Get your organization ready to scale. 

microsoft teams workflows

8x faster response times. 10x faster setup. Your internal request and ticketing hub.

Get started today or book a demo if you’d like one of our Jetdocs experts to show you how it works.