Best workflow applications on Microsoft Teams

Published On: August 2, 2021
By: Warren Jenkins

Imagine you’re getting a new pool in your backyard. You dig up some trees that were in the way, you add some interlocking so it’s easy to walk to the pool, you dig a massive hole, add liner and a lot of water. You’ve made a lot of decisions to get to this point and are looking forward to sunny days sitting pool-side with your friends. 

The only thing is…you forgot one last item, the pool heater. 

A lot of companies we speak with are currently faced with this pool heater problem as they navigate through this era of digitization & distributed teams. 

Bringing this analogy to life, Microsoft Teams can be thought of everything except for the heater. You’ve battled internally to move your entire organization to Microsoft Teams, now it’s time to bring in the heater – the applications that allow you to leverage all the work you’ve already put in.

This is how you go from a backyard party where everyone has their swimsuit on but nobody is swimming because the water is too cold (brrrr!!!) to one where people are having fun and splashing around.  

Supercharging Teams, where to start?

Every department has their own specific applications that they use frequently. Today, we’ll be focusing on applications that can be used by individual departments, but more importantly, can also be used by the entire organization. 

One of the greatest benefits of Microsoft Teams is that everyone is connected to the same platform. This surface area means that users across departments and typical organizational boundaries are brought together.  

With this is mind, let’s get to the applications! They’re the real stars.



Jetdocs is your fully-integrated workflow system that helps implement processes across departments and alleviate congestion around emails, messaging threads, approvals and tracking.

Set-up and customization is quick with Jetdocs’ custom Catalog Builder that allows users to create dynamic cross-functional flows right within Teams.

Whether you’re in Operations, Business Development, IT, HR, Finance or Legal, Jetdocs has over 80 custom templates that are configurable out of the box. 

Leveraged by scaling startups, non-profits and Fortune 500 companies, Jetdocs allows you to track approvals, requests, issues and tickets without ever leaving Teams.


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miro ms teams app

Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform that allows distributed teams to work effectively together from brainstorming with digital sticky notes to planning and managing agile workflows.

Product managers, project managers, designers, developers, and other creatives use Miro to work on complex projects together. Miro enables teams to innovate faster and keeps everyone aligned and engaged in the product development process, from ideation to production.

Brainstorm ideas with your distributed team on a digital whiteboard as easily as if you were in the same room. Stay on the same page throughout the lifecycle of a project or sprint. Provide all your team members with a 360 degree view of your project, with the ability to also drill down into the details.

Miro works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams so you can get notifications from Miro right in Microsoft Teams. Collaborate on projects in Miro and receive all your mentions or comments directly in your Microsoft Teams Chat.

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lattice ms teams

Lattice is a people management platform that enables people leaders to develop engaged, high-performing teams. By combining continuous performance management, employee engagement, and employee development in one solution, HR and People teams get powerful, real-time analytics that lead to actionable insights turning managers into leaders, employees into high-performers, and companies into the best places to work.

The Lattice App for Microsoft Teams makes it possible to build a culture of continuous feedback at your company overnight and ensure that your people management initiatives always get the attention and adoption they deserve. With the Lattice app, you can:

  • Get goal updates 
  • Never miss another Performance Review Deadline
  • Prepare for your upcoming 1:1s
  • See all your Feedback: constructive or praise
  • Stay in tune with your team with Updates
  • Engagement, Pulse, and eNPS Survey delivery
  • Increase your survey completion rate by delivering invitations directly in Microsoft Teams with Lattice.

Lattice app will grow in functionality and more collaborative features will added in future such as giving feedback within Microsoft Teams as well as sharing public updates and goals with everyone

Get started with the Lattice app for Microsoft Teams to drive people management, engagement, and high performance where you’re already collaborating with your team.

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kahoot ms teams app

Kahoots bring people together, and our users are finding more creative ways to play – especially with online groups and channels. Microsoft Teams enables Kahoot! users to assign challenges and play live games to teach or present. Below are the functionalities available within the app:

  • Create and access your Kahoots
  • Launch a live game
  • Assign a challenge
  • Final leaderboard & report

Kahoot! is a great way to engage your company for organization events, conferences, team-building and more!

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Last Word

It’s time to get that pool heater installed and up and running. You’ve put in the work and rallied your organization around teams – supercharge your environment today. 

Let Jetdocs Streamline Your Processes

Jetdocs is an internal communication platform where teams can streamline their internal processes.

Warren Jenkins

Warren Jenkins

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