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Streamline internal processes with collaborative ticketing in Microsoft Teams

Supercharge internal teams with centralized ticketing, standardized workflows and robust reporting—no code needed.

Jetdocs gives us visibility for all decision makers and accountability for the people who take responsibility and need to take action


Erik F.Director of Strategy

On-Demand Demo of Jetdocs for Microsoft Teams

Take a walkthrough with Andrew, who shows you how Jetdocs seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Teams to provide an all-in-one support solution that encourages collaboration and drives usage across organizations.

High Margin CSP Offer

Direct CSP: 25% Margin

Indirect Provider CSP: 25% Margin

Margin is generated on all revenue initiated by a CSP introduction or direct resell

New2023 Offer

Why customers use Jetdocs every day

User interface is modern, intuitive and collaborative – all within Teams.

Modern helpdesk and service solutions need to be excellent for both sides – those submitting tickets and those individuals, groups and teams answering them. Jetdocs excels at both.

Feature rich with easy to use SLAs, reporting and dynamic dashboards.

Designed for organizations who want tickets, requests and approvals resolved quickly, Jetdocs’ interface encourages collaboration to drive results. Feature rich with SLAs, priorities, groups and more. 

Empower users with our no-code Catalog Builder and standardize processes.

Put an end to email inboxes, unorganized forms, threads and non-integrated helpdesks. With Jetdocs, you can easily build workflows that mimic how your organization should function.

Why partners and resellers love selling Jetdocs

Get your customers up and running quickly, with powerful processes across departments.

Quickly integrate into Microsoft Teams with our Tab and Bot application. With single sign-on (SSO) and flexible user permissions you can set up your customers in minutes. For MSPs, you can offer continual service by managing their workflows with our Catalog Builder.

High attach rates across your customer base with common easy to sell painpoints.

Whether it’s 50 or 5000 employees Jetdocs helps build processes, provides analytics and keeps teams organized. With 80+ templates included, Jetdocs bridges your customers  and modern work. Trusted by Fortune 500 and leaders around the world.

High product retention leads to continuous renewals that add to your bottom line.

As a one-stop shop for service, Jetdocs delivers a completely modern experience that users love. With multiple onboarding channels (Academy, knowledgebase, live in-app chat and more) users feel comfortable continuously building on Jetdocs.

CSP Materials and Featured Resources

One PagerFor Customers

Learn more about how Jetdocs is defining modern service within Microsoft Teams and find out why organizations from Fortune 500 to Manufacturing to Education are choosing Jetdocs.

Pitch DeckFor Customers

A comprehensive overview of the challenges and issues Jetdocs helps customers overcome. Learn more with product screenshots, testimonials and case studies.

Compare & FeaturesFor Customers

Learn more about how Jetdocs and modern service compare to other altneratives in the market. Bolstered with rich features that get tickets and approvals resolved quickly. 

One PagerFor CSPs

Learn more about how Jetdocs is defining modern service within Microsoft Teams and how you can earn high margins on a product that scales across organizations and multiple industry types.

Seller GuideFor CSPs

Whether your customers are in the US, Germany, Australia or elsewhere, learn more about the Jetdocs value prop, industries we sell well into and which jobs Jetdocs gets done for the customer.

Support GuideFor CSPs

Customers and CSPs have a variety of support and enablement resources to lean on. These include live-video training, in-app chat, FAQs and the Jetdocs Academy & knowledgebase.

SaaS PricingFor CSPs

Flexible volume based pricing depending on your organization’s needs and users. For organizations over 5000 end users, contact our team to set up a private offer.

Or watch an on-demand replay


We’ve put together this list of responses to questions you might have. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, we’d be happy to help. Send us a message at

What is the margin for a CSP?

Jetdocs provides CSPs 25% margin on all revenue initiated by a CSP introduction or direct resell. 

Who is Jetdocs ideal customer?

Jetdocs is a cross-functional and customizable solution that sells well into:

  • Company size: 50-5,000 employees
  • Internal and service teams (IT, Operations, Facilities, Support/Success, Legal, Finance, Compliance, Marketing)
  • Industries: Professional Services, Manufacturing, Natural Resources and Energy, IT Service Providers, Financial Services, Hotels and Hospitality, Education, Government and Non-Profits
  • Technology used: Microsoft Teams or Slack
How does Jetdocs connect to a customer's Microsoft Teams account?

Jetdocs can be installed into a Microsoft Teams account via the AppSource or Microsoft Teams marketplace. 

Simply add Jetdocs to a Channel or Group Chat as a tab application. The Jetdocs Bot will automatically be installed when you sign-in.

Sign-in uses O365 authentication via single sign-on (SSO). In order to use Jetdocs outside of Teams (web app at, users must first sign through Microsoft Teams to establish a Bot connection.  

We are GDPR compliant and use industry best practices to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII). We use OAuth for retrieving and storing access to the third party integrations and will never store your username/password. This is an industry standard for accessing 3rd party information securely.

Can you limit permissions in the system?

Yes! Jetdocs enables you to set roles for each of your users. This includes Admin, Editor and Member roles that depend on how you would like your users to interact with our platform. Editors are able to configure templates and workflows using our no-code Catalog Builder; however, don’t have access to User Management, Analytics and other controls. The majority of an organization’s users are typically Members.

We also support Organizational Admins who have the ability to assign Admin, Editor and Member roles across workspaces.

What are the top use cases for Jetdocs?

Jetdocs offers value for your entire team. Jetdocs typically enters into a company with a common use case that requires an integrated ticketing, helpdesk or service catalog solution. 

  • IT & Support / E.g. Support Request
  • Operations / E.g. Vendor Management
  • Compliance / E.g. Customer Response Request
  • Facilities / E.g. Facilities Request
  • Finance / E.g. Purchase Approval
  • Customer Experience / E.g. Customer Refund Request
  • Engineering / E.g. Create Endpoint Request
  • Marketing / E.g. Communications Request
  • Legal / E.g. Contract Review

9 times out of 10, an organization expands into company specific workflows. For example:

  • Recruiting company: job search approvals
  • Manufacturing company: connect external + internal teams to troubleshoot high-tech product issues
  • IT Service Providers: Pre-sales requests or onboarding issue requests

If you have further questions about use cases across roles or industries, contact our team!

How much does it cost?

Jetdocs offers a variety of pricing options based on the volume of users. You can view our plans here: pricing page.

How can CSPs engage with Jetdocs?

Microsoft Direct Bill CSP partners and Microsoft Indirect Provider CSP partners can transact Jetdocs subscriptions without a direct contact between the CSP partner and Jetdocs through the AppSource/Azure marketplace.

Our preferred way for any CSP to engage:

  • Book a meeting by emailing our team at
  • Request a demo here – please mention CSP in company field
How can I connect with someone at Jetdocs for assistance?

You can talk to a Jetdocs representative for any assistance with the product or a customer account through our website chat or via

Stop using email, spreadsheets and old systems. Welcome to Jetdocs.

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Our customers are happy. Yours will be too.

When we came across Jetdocs I just had this eureka moment. This is exactly what we’re looking for because it’s simple, it’s approachable, it’s customizable and it doesn’t have a big overhead.


The new modern help desk and service catalog experience in Microsoft Teams.

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