Jetdocs vs. Servicenow

Jetdocs is the best ServiceNow alternative for Internal Ticketing

If you’re looking to avoid complex integrations that require large IT budgets, try Jetdocs. When it comes to internal ticketing that helps handle various processes in a simple yet powerful way, Jetdocs delivers.

Jetdocs gives us visibility for all decision makers and accountability for the people who take responsibility and need to take action


Erik F.Director of Strategy

Collaborative and integrated ticketing – keep every employee in the loop.

Collaborative from day one. Jetdocs was built on the premise that operations can be messy. Working together across departments is how businesses thrive and with Jetdocs this is easy to do, easy to track and easy to complete.

Powerful SLAs, reporting and analytics to keep your organization on track.

Jetdocs’ interface is designed to work alongside your employees in Microsoft Teams and Slack. With easy to use SLAs, reporting and more, your team gets their job done on time, while also providing analytics at every step of the way.

No-code workflows and approvals that standardize your processes .

Replace manual actions and avoid stringing together multiple programs. With Jetdocs you can route tickets, requests and approvals to the right user or group automatically. Operate at optimal efficiency every day.

How do we stack up?

Servicenow alternative jetdocs
✅ Built for everyone and everyone in the company, anyone can create and attend the workflows and processes. ❌ Built for complex IT teams with complex requirements and setup.
✅ Extremely easy to setup and even someone with 0 experience can work with the platform. ❌ Massive overhead involved to set it up for the first time and to teach teams all the short codes and features.
✅ Integrations with slack and teams is as easy as clicking few buttons and no extra work involved. ❌ Integrations with slack and teams are complicated and require an IT team to figure out for most businesses.
✅ Workflow automations are easy and anyone can build them. ❌ Building workflows & processes is time consuming and require dedicated IT personnel to do it properly.
✅ Jetdocs costs fractions of Servicenow while delivering better internal ticketing experience. ❌ Price per agent is relatively high, and require additional costs to setup everything with the IT department.
✅ Training employees to use Jetdocs is as easy as watching 20 minutes worth of documentation videos. ❌ Training employees typically require third party consultants and more external help
✅ Very generous free plan for small teams. ❌ No free plans regardless of team size.

Say goodbye to ServiceNow. Welcome to Jetdocs.

ServiceNow for internal ticketing 😟

Our customers are happy. Your employees will be too.

When we came across Jetdocs I just had this eureka moment. This is exactly what we’re looking for because it’s simple, it’s approachable, it’s customizable and it doesn’t have a big overhead.


Powerful help desk and service catalog functionality, fully integrated.