Jetdocs vs. Messaging Threads

Messaging threads for internal ticketing? Jetdocs is a better idea.

Searching through messaging threads and having no way to track tickets, requests and approvals is not how internal ticketing is meant to be done. One interface that includes proper analytics, SLAs and quick CTAs is how internal ticketing should be. Good news, Jetdocs was built for this.

Jetdocs gives us visibility for all decision makers and accountability for the people who take responsibility and need to take action


Erik F.Director of Strategy

Integrated ticketing with Slack and Teams Integrations

Jetdocs is fully integrated with Slack and Microsoft Teams so you can still operate where you normally do. The difference is that you also have a way to handle your organization’s processes in a standardized way with modern internal ticketing functionality. Keep your teams productive with Jetdocs!

Powerful Internal Ticketing with SLAs and Reporting

Ensuring your internal teams handle tickets, requests and approvals is paramount – this is what keeps your business moving. Jetdocs comes with easy to use SLAs, reporting, analytics and much more to keep your teams accountable and on-track every step of the way. 

No-code workflows and approvals that standardize your processes .

Jetdocs helps you streamline your processes by automating actions and eliminating the need to use multiple programs. It can automatically direct tickets, requests, and approvals to the appropriate person or group, allowing you to work efficiently every day.

How do we stack up?


Messaging Threads

✅ Clear and timely tracking of the tickets. ❌ Difficulty in tracking the progress of ticket.
✅ A proper activity log is maintained for tickets so everything is transparent. ❌ Finding ticket history is similar to finding needle in a haystack.
✅ Proper analytics that gives insight on everything you need to know about tickets. ❌ No proper analytics for tickets solved, resolution time, agents and much more like Jetdocs.
✅ Properly organized tickets with built-in filters to find appropriate tickts. ❌ Poorly organized tickets overwhelm the employees.
✅ Built for internal ticketing with features such as SLAs, approval steps, catalog, templates etc. ❌ No proper SLAs, Catalog, Approval Steps required for proper internal ticketing.
✅ Integrating with other applications is easy with 1200+ integrations via Zapier. ❌ Setting up integrations for ticketing only is a nightmare.
✅ Extremely efficient and built for internal ticketing. ❌ Extremely inefficient compared to a dedicated internal ticketing tool.

Say goodbye to messaging threads. Welcome to Jetdocs.

Messaging Threads 😟

Our customers are happy. Your employees will be too.

When we came across Jetdocs I just had this eureka moment. This is exactly what we’re looking for because it’s simple, it’s approachable, it’s customizable and it doesn’t have a big overhead.


Powerful help desk and service catalog functionality, fully integrated.