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How to Make an Effective Slack Ticketing System

Published On: July 14, 2022
By: Warren Jenkins

Companies can keep track of events and problems using an efficient internal ticketing system. An internal ticketing system allows a company to pinpoint problems and quickly fix them.

It also allows companies to keep track of things like how many times certain problems happened and how much they cost the company, and a lot more! By doing so, a company can determine the most efficient way of doing the internal tasks. 

Now imagine doing that in Slack. That’s where Jetdocs comes in with our Slack ticketing system.

After a few months of work, we’re thrilled to announce that Jetdocs is now available in Slack. As a workflow Slack ticketing system, we can now serve a wider variety of our clients through their preferred internal messaging application. 

Jetdocs offers a complete integration into your current Slack workflow system. When Jetdocs is added to Slack, your team roster automatically gets pulled into our system without any additional setup, and your organization can enjoy the benefits that come with having an all-in-one system to manage the day-to-day workflows that allow your business to run smoothly.

In this blog, we’re breaking down the ways your organization can use Jetdocs as a Slack ticketing system, and how it will help improve your overall organizational productivity, automate your internal and external workflow processes, and resolve customer facing issues as fast as possible.

Addressing the current Slack Workflow System issue

When common workplace issues come up, or customers reach out for a problem to be solved, all company stakeholders typically get tagged in an email or the issue is added to a spreadsheet. This leads to information being lost, issue resolution time taking too long, and repeated process overhead for all involved.

With the Jetdocs Slack ticketing system, multi-step workflows are pre-configured, and any issues automatically get routed to the correct users or departments for the fastest resolution time.

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For example: Jennie is Customer Success representative at a manufacturing firm. She often gets order complaints from customers, and has to repeatedly forward that information to her VP over email to figure out if a redesign is appropriate, or what the next steps are.

After exchanging some details back and forth, she then has to email the manufacturing department with the decision from the VP, and wait until they complete the redesign at some point. These emails often get overlooked and require follow-ups, and provided information is often incomplete.

As a result, Jennie spends large parts of her day tracking down everyone involved, and the customer is often annoyed at how long these issues take to get resolved.

Implementing Jetdocs Slack Ticketing System

If Jennie was using Jetdocs, she would just need to submit a ticket to kick off the workflow involved in resolving the customer issue. All the relevant inputs necessary to quickly fill out details for this type of issue are already pre-defined in the workflow template ahead of time.

As soon as she creates the ticket, her VP is immediately notified with a Slack notification containing the submitted details, and can approve or reject the workflow from the notification Slack notification. If approved, the ticket immediately gets routed to manufacturing, and once they have completed the redesign they complete the ticket Jennie is notified once again and can reach back out to the customer with the appropriate follow-up.

The complete activity history related to the ticket and workflow, start to finish, is available on the Jetdocs web portal. Jennie does not need to worry about follow-ups and tracking the progress on solving the customer complaint, and automatically gets notified when the issue is resolved.

ticket update notifications within slack ticketing system

How does our Slack ticketing system work?

Jetdocs offers a complete slack integration into your current Slack workspace. After installing Jetdocs from the Slack app store, your team roster automatically gets pulled into our system without any additional setup, and you save unnecessary overhead in onboarding your whole team roster.

Your organization can enjoy the benefits that come with having an all-in-one system to manage the day-to-day business process workflows that allow your business to run smoothly.

The Jetdocs web portal is easily accessed from Slack using shortcuts or the Application tab, and the Jetdocs notification bot will help notify users with additional information and inline actions to approve, reject, or view the related ticket as workflow progresses.

Assign other Admins and Editors in your organization to allow them to manage the Jetdocs integration, give full visibility in organization wide analytics, and help configure and manage predefined workflows.

Ticket analytics in our slack ticketing system

Admins and Editors can build out workflow templates in the Jetdocs Catalog builder. Each workflow template includes the specific data to request at submit time, the multi-step approval process and which users or departments are responsible for each step, and many additional features such as increased visibility into important workflows.

Any member of the organization can then kick off workflows using the pre-defined templates, and the rest is easy! Multi-step approval workflows will be routed to the relevant users in the correct order, and the submitting user will be notified when the workflow is resolved.

Best Slack Ticketing System for Internal Workflow.

The Jetdocs Slack ticketing system is a proven time saver for any business that manages common internal processes through outdated tools like email, spreadsheet, or clunky and expensive systems that do not really address the problems with multi step workflows.

The flexibility of the workflow template builder allows for success stories with implementing Jetdocs across many industries – manufacturing, law firms, schools, and departments such as Customer Success, Administration, HR, and IT. Each Jetdocs workspace is completely configurable to organizational needs.

Jetdocs includes an always free version to get you started, and advanced features can be tested using a no-credit-card 14 day free trial, which can be started at any time. Our Slack based ticketing system is now available to organizations worldwide.

To learn more about the ways we can work with your business to address your specific Slack ticketing workflow needs, get started today or book a demo if you’d like one of our Jetdocs experts to show you how it works.


Having an internal ticket creation and handling process within Slack is a lot more efficient than traditional ticketing system. It helps larger teams manage improve the response times, avoid long useless email threads, proper log management, alert management and cost management. 

Jetdocs slack ticketing system is the perfect solution where an organization can manage their entire ticketing workflow within slack channels. By leveraging the interconnectedness of Slack and the power of Jetdocs no-code catalog builder, organizations are able to build out Slack ticketing workflows across departments, while streamlining the traceability, approval steps and ease of use that don’t come standard with email or messaging threads.

Let Jetdocs Streamline Your Processes

Jetdocs is an internal communication platform where teams can streamline their internal processes.

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Warren Jenkins

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