Jetdocs Solutions

Modern service means integrated and collaborative ticketing

Jetdocs is your all-in-one ticketing solution, helpdesk, service catalog and workflow builder. The standard agent model is broken, empower your employees to standardize processes. 


Microsoft Teams

Integrated our tab application and bot application within Microsoft Teams for a fully collaborative experience. 


A seamless Slack experience that brings every type of internal request and ticket right where you’re working

Align and loop in any employee with collaborative ticketing

Looking through messaging threads or forwarding email chains isn’t what collaboration is meant to be. Jetdocs was built on the premise that operations can be messy and need to be flexible. Working together across departments is how businesses thrive and with Jetdocs this is easy to do, easy to track and easy to implement.

Robust reporting and SLAs that keep your organization on track

Historically, operational data is difficult to track and gather. How do you determine how fast someone replies to a DM? With Jetdocs every meaningful step is tracked so you can determine how to leverage your resources. Add powerful features like custom SLAs and groups and you’ve started to reinvent your organization’s processes. 

Use Jetdocs no-code catalog builder to create powerful workflows 

Stop stringing together multiple programs that leave your employees confused (or worse, not using them!). With Jetdocs you can route tickets, requests and approvals to the right user or group automatically. With multiple data types and conditionals, get the right data to the right person. 

Fully integrate where your employees are working

With Jetdocs teams can streamline processes, communicate more effectively with each other, and identify and resolve issues more quickly. Anyone in the team can build efficient processes without a need for an IT team and with minimal resources. Let us focus on internal processes so you can focus on production!

Unlock collaboration across your organization

✅ One central location for your teams to submit, assign and have tickets routed to the right person.

Ticketing, helpdesk and service catalog functionality that standardizes processes across your organization.

No-code workflow builder to empower every employee to improve productivity by aligning processes with how your organization operates.

Robust analytics and reporting to help understand your organization.


IT & Support



Legal & IP

Software & Product



Office Mgmt 


Our customers are happy. Your employees will be too.

When we came across Jetdocs I just had this eureka moment. This is exactly what we’re looking for because it’s simple, it’s approachable, it’s customizable and it doesn’t have a big overhead.


Or reach out for a demo

If you’re ready to get started, select Microsoft Teams or Slack above. Still have questions? Book some time with a member of the Jetdocs solutions team and find out how collaborative ticketing can streamline your organization’s processes.