Jetdocs Solutions

Integrate where your employees are already working: Slack & Teams.

With a fully customizable portal and purpose driven workflows, Jetdocs is your organizations one-stop-shop for every type of internal request.


Microsoft Teams

A fully embedded company catalog that helps organizations take charge of their internal tickets and approvals

Jetdocs for Teams – a central portal that can be added to any channel or group chat, your employees will never have to leave Teams to submit a ticket. Our Jetdocs bot will make sure tickets and approvals get answered on time and by the right person. 


A seamless Slack experience that brings integrated ticketing workflows to every business unit

Jetdocs for Slack – put a stop to those endless messaging threads, group inboxes and scattered forms. Our Slack integration brings internal ticketing and scaled operations to a new level. Create ticketing workflows for HR, legal, IT, finance, ops etc.  

Modern Ticketing System

No-code and self-service. Everything you need to manage any business unit’s workflows.

Request Portal – maximize your organizations resources with our self-serve portal. Create custom request templates for every type of workflow.

► Raise & Route Requests – seamlessly configure which employees are the appropriate first point of contact for any type of request. 

► Fulfillment & Insights – built alongside teams means your requests are top of mind and easily actionable. With your organization’s network of requests, unlock insights backed up by data.

Jetdocs Bot

Notifications, updates and reminders alongside your daily communications.

► Intelligence by your side – for every request that is raised or incoming, our Jetdocs bot ensures that they are viewed, assigned and actioned.

► Keep your organization on time – whether it’s automatic follow-ups for our custom workflows or routed requests to the appropriate employee, our Jetdocs bot doesn’t miss a beat.

► No additional setup required – out of the box ready, our bot is ready to handle requests as your company scales.

Unlock organization velocity across IT and non-IT business units.

✅ With flexible and customizable no-code solutions right out of the box, you can turn every business unit or function into something powerful. 

Allocate company resources and ensure the right request is being fulfilled by the best employee.

Whether it’s incident reporting, change management, contract review or back-to-work health requests, Jetdocs has you covered.  

 Increase productivity, minimize waste and enhance your organization’s visibility and control.


IT & Support

Human Resources


Legal & IP

Software & Product

Content & Marketing

General Admin

Office Mgmt 

Kudos & Praise

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Configurations and templates out of the box for incredible time to value

Built for Microsoft Teams to take advantage of where your company is already working. 


Try it on Microsoft Teams

Get your company catalog set up in minutes with over 75 templates out-of-the-box. Whether you’re in IT, Operations, HR or Finance, you’ll now have a central place to kick-start every internal request.

Try it on Slack 

It’s time to put processes in place around internal ticketing and approvals to take your company to the next level. With a fully-integrated application, your employee experience will never be the same.