Jetdocs Solutions

No more emails to hr@acme or  finance@acme

With a self-serve catalog to start every workflow, employees know where to go to have their requests answered. 

Workflow Request Platform

No-code and self-service. Everything you need to manage any business unit’s workflows.

Request Portal – maximize your organizations resources with our self-serve portal. Create custom request templates for every type of workflow.

► Raise & Route Requests – seamlessly configure which employees are the appropriate first point of contact for any type of request. 

► Fulfillment & Insights – built alongside teams means your requests are top of mind and easily actionable. With your organization’s network of requests, unlock insights backed up by data.

Jetdocs Bot

Notifications, updates and reminders alongside your daily communications.

► Intelligence by your side – for every request that is raised or incoming, our Jetdocs bot ensures that they are viewed, assigned and actioned.

► Keep your organization on time – whether it’s automatic follow-ups for our custom workflows or routed requests to the appropriate employee, our Jetdocs bot doesn’t miss a beat.

► No additional setup required – out of the box ready, our bot is ready to handle requests as your company scales.

Unlock organization velocity across IT and non-IT business units.

✅ With flexible and customizable no-code solutions right out of the box, you can turn every business unit or function into something powerful. 

Allocate company resources and ensure the right request is being fulfilled by the best employee.

Whether it’s incident reporting, change management, contract review or back-to-work health requests, Jetdocs has you covered.  

✅ Increase productivity, minimize waste and enhance your organization’s visibility and control.


IT & Support

Human Resources


Legal & IP

Software & Product

Content & Marketing

General Admin

Office Mgmt 

Kudos & Praise

Custom Workflows

Collect files, feedback and updates from anyone inside or outside of your organization.

► Send asynchronous requests to gather info, documents, images and feedback from your most important clients or fastest moving teams.

► Automatic reminders and due dates make sure you get the information you want on time – that’s accountability.

► Track & group what’s completed and outstanding with dashboards and progress bars right within your existing MS Teams environment.

Have 15 minutes to chat? 

✅ Learn how Jetdocs can solve and give insight into your organization’s internal requests. 

 Configurations and templates out of the box for incredible time to value

Built for Microsoft Teams to take advantage of where your company is already working. 


Calling all business units.

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