Hotels and Hospitality

Incredible experiences start behind the scenes with your people

Jetdocs can help hotels and other hospitality businesses streamline their operations and improve their business processes. We provide a way to efficiently track and resolve issues, coordinate with other teams, monitor inventory and supplies, have a proper feedback loop and much more!

Collaborative and integrated ticketing – keep every employee in the loop.

Collaborative from day one. Jetdocs was built on the premise that operations can be messy. Working together across departments is how businesses thrive and with Jetdocs this is easy to do, easy to track and easy to complete.

Powerful SLAs, reporting and analytics to keep your organization on track.

Jetdocs’ interface is designed to work alongside your employees, in Microsoft Teams and Slack. With easy to use SLAs, reporting and more, your team gets their job done on time, while also providing analytics at every step of the way.

No-code workflows and approvals that standardize your processes .

Replace manual actions and avoid stringing together multiple programs. With Jetdocs, you can route tickets, requests and approvals to the right user or group automatically. Operate at optimal efficiency every day.

Drive your people to perform at the highest levels

With built-in collaborative features built for internal ticketing for hotel & hospitality business, Jetdocs makes processes efficient like never before. Jetdocs helps everyone in the organization stay in the loop and features to ensure your hospitality business is handling its process perfectly.

Coordination Among Teams

Hotels and other hospitality businesses often have multiple teams or departments that need to work together to provide guests with a high-quality experience. With Jetdocs you can set up multi-step workflows where individual teams can go do their job as the process is triggered.

For example, marketing campaign requests, purchase orders for supplies or menu updates for different locations around the world. 

Better Way to Communicate

With so many moving parts in the hospitality business, important information can get lost real quick. Things such as customer requests, complaints, reservations are easy to lose. But not if your processes are built within Jetdocs!

Jetdocs can help improve communication within a hotel or hospitality team by providing a clear record of what has been discussed and what actions have been taken and should be taken by teams. This can help reduce confusion and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Monitoring Inventory and Supplies

Hotels and other hospitality businesses need to keep track of a wide range of supplies and inventory items, and Jetdocs can provide a way to manage this by having a proper vendor management workflow.

Once something is needed, respective teams can request inventory from the supply team, while the accounting disperses funds to the supply team and more, this complicated process can be made extremely efficient with Jetdocs!

Proper Internal Analytics

Jetdocs has advanced analytics built in the platform with various analytics criteria. Jetdocs can help teams track the progress of their work and see how they are performing against their goals.

Things such as what are the common tickets being raised, who is the most efficient employee, which employee has most complaints etc can be easily tracked once the processes are set up in Jetdocs.

Our customers are happy. Your employees will be too.

When we came across Jetdocs I just had this eureka moment. This is exactly what we’re looking for because it’s simple, it’s approachable, it’s customizable and it doesn’t have a big overhead.


Powerful help desk and service catalog functionality, fully integrated.