Triage tickets from anywhere with the Jetdocs External Portal

Embed Jetdocs where your end-users are. Allow customers, clients and external employees to submit tickets that automatically get routed to the right person in Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Customize your Catalog

Cuztomize your External Portal with our Catalog Builder. Create multiple templates that each route to various people and groups in your organization automatically. 

Embed it anywhere

Whether it’s a webpage, inside a Notion document or a button link inside Sharepoint, Jetdocs External Portal is your portable ticketing solution that embeds alongside your business.*

*We provide you with a <iframe> snippet that can be embedded, as well as a unique URL that internet users can access. 


Tickets submitted, tickets resolved

When a user submits a ticket, they receive a link where they can track or add more information at any point. Tickets are routed directly to the right person inside Teams or Slack for approval or resolution.

Click a Template Below

After submitting your ticket, we’ll send you an email containing a link to track the progress of your sample ticket 🙂

Or see how a link opens in a new tab

Stop triaging tickets from agents or group email inboxes.

Jetdocs goes straight to the source. Tickets often involve multiple users, whether that’s engineering, legal, compliance or operations. 

Create templates and workflows to decide what information you want to receive and where you want it to go.

Provide modern service with Jetdocs External Portal.

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