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Workflow Steps and Settings

Workflow steps and settings in Jetdocs determines how the tickets will be assigned amongst your team members.

First point of Contact

You can choose specific team member or group who will respond to the ticket once its been created, or you can push it to general queue, where everyone you choose will be able to attend to the ticket.

To assign it to the general queue, just check the option “Create General Queue” and you should be good.

To assign to specific users, make sure “Create General Queue” is unchecked and select

Approval Steps

Approval steps is for tickets that will need approval from multiple parties before it can be fully approved. If the ticket is just for one department then you can skip the step.

For tickets that involve multiple departments/users, add the department/users you would like to notify in chronological order. Write a description for each teams describing what they are supposed to do with the ticket.

Who Else is Involved?

These are the individuals/departments that can join in the tickers if they wish to. You would ideally want managers/supervisors to be in here who wish to supervise the tickets and review them periodically.

If the General Queue was selected on First Point of Contact, then the ticket will appear on their Ticketing Center and any one of them can pick it up for the first step.