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Priority & SLA for Internal Ticketing

Jetdocs comes with 5 levels of priority for internal ticketing, P0 to P4.

Specific time for each priority can be configured in the “Org Settings” page by organization Admins.

Default Priority

While setting up the template in catalog builder, the priority you enter the default priority for this specific ticket, this is a suggestion to users filling out the request, users can select their own priority levels when they fill out the template in Catalog.

Time based service-level agreement

While building the template you can enable time based SLA for your template, which will show the team members attending to the ticket the remaining time until the ticket is required to be resolved. The time is determined by what the priority level is selected while submitting the ticket. As mentioned above, the time for each priority level can be edited in the Org Settings.

Optionally, you can notify users when the SLA is broken and tickets haven’t been solved within the determined time. This would be used in for example, if a ticket hasn’t been resolved within the specified time frame then you can choose for the tickets to be assigned to another user/department or supervisors so they can take required actions.

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