Notification Settings in Jetdocs

Event Types

What occurs in Jetdocs to trigger either a Bot or Email notification

Notify Requester

A Requestor is the User who has submitted a ticket through your organizations Catalog

Notify Current Assignee

The Current Assignee identifies who the ticket is currently assigned to. For example, if user submits a ticket (Requester) and it gets routed to (Timmy), Timmy is the Current Assignee. If Timmy then approves the ticket and it gets routed to (Laura), Laura is now the current Assignee. At this point, Timmy is no longer the Current Assignee.

Notify Additional Users

  • Notifying Additional Users is a way to keep more users in the loop (in addition to either the Requestor or Assignee) based on various Event Types
  • Different Event Types have different Notify Additional Users options
  • None: No additional users will be notified

First Point of Contact

The First Point of Contact is the first Assignee when a ticket is submitted. The first point of contact is identified in the Catalog Builder under Workflow Steps and Settings. This can be a User Group, User Response Field or Individual. For example, when a ticket is Completed you could send the first Assignee (First Point of Contact) a notification

All Ticket Responders

This includes everyone in Who Else is Involved, but not Users listed as Viewers or Mentioned Users

All Responders and Viewers

This includes everyone in Who Else is Involved and all Viewers (Viewers includes ‘View Only Access’ Users and @mentioned Users)

Viewers Only

Viewers refers to Users that have been included in the ‘Audience: view only access’ section in the Catalog Builder (under Advanced Options in a template) and @mentioned users (see below)

Mentioned Users Only

Mentioned Users refer to Users that have been @mentioned. This is a subset of the Viewers Only notification option above. With Mentioned Users Only, Users listed in Who Else is Involved or ‘Audience: view only access’ will not be included. There are typically 2 areas Users are @mentioned

  1. The first place to @mention users is during the ticket submission process in Additional Comments.
  2. The second and more common place to @mention users is in the Activity Log after a ticket has been submitted. Any user (Requestor, Assignee or someone in Who Else is Involved) can @mention a User.
    Reminder: when a User is @mentioned, they will be able to follow the ticket along in the View Only Tickets table in the Catalog Builder.


  • Receive notifications based on Event Type via the Microsoft Teams Jetdocs Bot or Jetdocs Slack integration. The relevant Event and corresponding information is listed in the notification.
  • In Microsoft Teams, your notifications will include both ‘View’ and ‘View in Web’ buttons. ‘View’ contains a deep link that will bring you to the respective Ticket in either Teams Web or Teams Desktop. ‘View in Web’ will bring you to the respective Ticket in the Jetdocs web application.


Email notifications are delivered to the respective Users email address. It contains the event type and corresponding information with a deep link to open the ticket.