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Nested Select Field Type

1. Click on Field Type

Go to catalog builder in Jetdocs, open the template you want to have options within options. Once you are on the page, edit the field type.

2. Here we are going to work with “Select” field type

In this field type, individual submitting the ticket can select an option or multiple options from list of options available.

3. Edit field type to add your options

To add the options, click on edit button so our field editor pops up.

4. Review Settings

We have many field settings available in Jetdocs. This is same for all field types but it is a good idea to review them in every field.

5. Add Options

To add options simply type in your option and click on “+” icon and fill in the blank.

6. Creating nested options

This is the main part of nested select field type.

If you would want to have a sub option, an option within option, click on the icon and new sub option field will appear.

7. Creating nested options within nested options

You can have as many nested options as you want, all you need to do is click on sub option icon.

8. Fill all the required fields

Fill as many sub options as you need, in the hierarchy you need them. There is no limitation on how many sub options you can have.

9. Save

Once you are done, you can press the save button and be back to the main template editor section. You can always click the edit button and make any changes you would want to.