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Internal Tickets by Users Analytics

Jetdocs has an analytics view built-in where you can view, in the gist of it all, who are the users that have created the tickets and who are the users that have responded to the tickets.

Here you can understand from a different kind of segmentation on your organization levels to see who’s part of different templates and and you can understand how the different resources in your organization being used. 

So, next time you have a work to be assigned you can assign it to someone with

Filter Option

The filters for User analytics is simple. You can either choose to zoom out and view the entire organization’s performance, or you can zoom into individual templates.

Likewise, you can choose to view data from specific date range, could be from 2 days ago, or from 2 years ago, whichever you select on the filter.

Tickets Reported View

Tickets reported view shows you the users that have created the tickets in a horizontal stacked bar, where you can also view how many of the tickets raised by the following users were completed, rejected, cancelled and still outstanding.

Current Ticket Responders

Current Ticket Responders is also a horizontal stacked bar graph that displays who is working on the tickets currently in the organization and what is the status of the ticket they are working on, such as Cancelled, Completed, Rejected, and Outstanding.

Initial Ticket Responders

Initial Ticket Responder graph shows you who are the first users to respond to tickets in the organization and what the status of their tickets.

How to export analytics in CSV & XLSX?

Each of these data can be exported into CSV or XLSX from our analytics. All you need to do to export the data is click on the 3 dots on the top right of the chart you want to export and select how you want it to be exported.

Below is how the data you export can be viewed in Excel or any other tool that accepts CSX and XLSX. You can use the data however you want from there.