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How to Connect Jetdocs to Zapier

In this tutorial we will be connecting Jetdocs to Zapier using the Jetdocs API key. This documentation only teaches how to connect Jetdocs to Zapier but does not go into setting up specific Zapier and Jetdocs workflows.

For this tutorial, you will need a Jetdocs account and a Zapier account. The guide is divided into 3 main steps, setting up Zapier, finding Jetdocs API Key, and entering the so API Key into Zapier.

Setting up Zapier Dashboard

Here we will setup Zapier so we can enter the Jetdocs API key appropriately.

Go to Zapier Dashboard

Login to your Zapier account and go to the dashboard.

Click on Create Zap

Search for Jetdocs

Choose the Event Trigger You Would Like

Choose an Event You Would Want to be the Trigger

Click on Continue

Now click on “Sign in” to continue

A new popup appears to enter API Key

Getting the Jetdocs API Key

The process to get the Jetdocs API key is fairly straight forward. If you would like to skip through the steps, please go to Ticketing Portal → Menu → Profile & Integrations → Generate API Key → Copy API Key

Open your Ticket Portal Menu

Click on Profile & Integrations

Click on Generate New Key

Review the confirmation popup

Copy your API Key to your Clipboard

Entering API Key to Zapier

Once you have generated the API Key, just go back to the previous step where the Zapier pop up opened, enter the API Key there and continue as demonstrated in the steps below.

Go back to Zapier Pop Up we left earlier

Paste the API key and Continue

Your Jetdocs account is connected to Zapier