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Field Types in Catalog Builder

There are currently 7 field types available in Jetdocs. To change the field type, simply go to catalog builder, and click on the field type option on the field you would want to change.

In this guide, users = individual that will be submitting the tickets.

The available field types in Jetdocs:

The 7 available field types in Jetdocs are:

  • Text
  • Checkbox
  • Select
  • Date
  • Company User
  • Currency
  • Table


Text field type simply allows the user submitting the request to enter whatever text they would like. This is idea in situations where pre determined options cannot work for example, name of the customer.


Checkbox simply allows you to ask a question and user to check yes. For example, did you contact department manager before filing this complaint with CEO? And the user can either put the checkbox or not.


As the name suggests, Select field allows users to select either one or many options presented to them. In Jetdocs, you can also create nested select. For example, once someone selects Android, then they can select the device they want, if they don’t select android then they will not be shown the list of android devices.


Date simply allows users to select the date from a calendar. Essentially useful for questions like when did something happen?

Company User

Users can select someone within company to make things easy to track. For example, for questions such as “who is your manager” instead of asking for them to enter text, you can instead list all the managers in that department with this field type, and users can simply select it.


Currency allows users to enter numbers in money value. Useful in scenario such as expense approval workflow where users need to enter the amount appropriately.


Jetdocs has its own table field where you can build the tables users can fill out. For the table field, you can define how many rows and columns you would want as well as the names of the column and users can fill the data accordingly.