Editor Role Permissions

In this document we’ll be going over the editor role permission.

Editors are really important along with admins because both of you have access to the catalog builder in Jetdocs.

If you’re an editor, you will be able to see the Catalog, My Requests, Ticketing Center and Catalog Builder. However, as an editor you will not be able to see the analytics analytics.

The main purpose of Editor role is to be able to build the catalogs shown to the users with “Member” permission. An editor will be able to modify everything within the catalog builder, with things such as create a Catalog item, assign categories. edit Assignment settings, Priority & SLA & more!

Additionally, when you click open the ticket portal on the top left, it will open up this Jetdocs hub. In the hub, you will be able to see Ticket Portal and Profile and integrations, but you will not be able to see User Management or Organization Settings.