Conditional Fields

This option is available for Editors and Admins as it’s part of the Catalog Builder.

Conditional Fields allows you to display a field only if a condition is met in the above fields. For example, you have workflow, where users have to specify which city their office is located in, based on the city they select, you want the next field to ask them their manager amongst the one’s working in their city. As shown in the example below.

Field one: Based on the selection on this question, our system will determine whether to show the next question or not.

Field two: As per the example shown below, this field will only appear to users if they select “Hanoi” from three available options at the question above.

How to build Conditional Fields?

Go to the Catalog Builder and jump into a category and to the template inside the category.

Create a new field or edit the field you would want to be conditionally shown.

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Toggle on the “Is this field conditionally shown?” and define your conditions. The conditions can vary depending on the field type. For example, for “Text” fields condition can be if the text includes one of the words you predetermine, or for the checkbox, the condition can be one of the options is selected etc.

Lastly, save your workflow and test out your condition in the Catalog view.