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Build Table Field Type

In this guide we will go through building the table field type within Jetdocs.

Table can be used to request formatted data from the users so you can avoid useless multiple data entry steps in your workflow.

1. Open the Template to Add Table

First, go to Catalog Builder, and open the template you want to add tables to. Once in there, click on the field type as shown below

2. Click on Table

A dropdown will appear listing all of our 7 field types, click Table from the options presented below.

3. Click on “Edit” to edit the field.

4. Assign Number of Rows

Here you can view the options available in our table builder. Currently you can define the number rows and number of columns. In this step define the number of rows you want in your table.

5. Assign Columns

Columns a.k.a “Table Headers” can be assigned by simply naming all the columns you want one after another.

And that is it, save the field and now you have a table that your users can fill in and sort out the messy data entry.