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All Tickets View in Analytics

All Tickets View in Jetdocs analytics gives you a birds eye view on what is happening within your organization.

Filters Available

Search: You can search for specific keywords, such as, name of the ticket, users, department.

Organization: You can view the data in the whole organization or you can select specific categories, or more, you can even look into specific template’s analytics.

Status: You can view the tickets from their status, you can choose amongst Outstanding, Completed, Rejected and Cancelled tickets

Priority: You can view the tickets based on what priority they are, and for example if there are a lot of P0 tickets left outstanding then you can change things in organization similarly to ensure it doesn’t happen.

Tags: You can check for individual performance of issues based on the tags it was initially assigned to them.

Date: You can choose the date range to which you want all the above filter to be applied for, and data to be displayed. The date range can be from a day ago or since when you started using Jetdocs.

Count By Status

Essentially, here you can view what the tickets within the selected parameters in the organization look like based on the status of the Tickets. So, a birds eye view on how many tickets are completed, rejected, cancelled, and outstanding.

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Days since submission

For the tickets that were left outstanding, here you can measure how many tickets are left outstanding in your organization and how long have they stayed outstanding.

Days to completion

Days to Completion represents on how many days does it take for a ticket to be fully completed in your organization.

View all Tickets

Lastly you can view all the tickets that match the filters you selected. This is similar to the “My Tickets Section” however here you can view all the tickets within the organization that match the parameter instead of just the one’s assigned to you.

Export the Data to CSV & XLSX

All of the charts and graphs displayed in Jetdocs analytics can be exported into CSV or XLSX file. To do so, simply click on the 3 dots on the top left of each graph and export in the file format you wise.