Advanced Options in Catalog Builder

Advanced Options in Jetdocs Catalog Builder lets you setup default title, view only access, dashboard preview field and limit template visibility.

View Only Access

In Jetdocs you can give view only access to specific users/departments to the tickets submitted. These users can view and add comments to the internal tickets, but won’t be able to take approval/rejection steps.

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Template Visibility

By default all the templates are visible to all the employees, and that is what we recommend you to do. However, for any reason, if you may want to make so certain templates are only visible to certain departments/users then you can use this option.

This option is useful in scenarios such as where there are multiple similar templates, that do different functions. For example, a vendor management team might have “Order Requests” to order inventory template and marketing team might have “Order Requests” template to request graphics from graphics department. One team can fill out the other forms and cause confusion, which is why, if you simply hide the marketing Order Request from Vendor Team and vice versa then all of the confusion can be avoided.

Not just that, some requests might be just for managers to make, or supervisors to make that can be hidden, and a lot more other usecases!

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Preview Display

By default it is set to Title. This is useful to five a quick glance to the person receiving the ticket on what the ticket is about.

You can choose either the title or any of the fields present on the ticket to be on the preview section.