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Adding External Users to Jetdocs

In this document, we’ll be going through how to add external users to both your Microsoft teams and Jetdocs environment.

This guide is a two-step process to add external users to your Jetdocs environment. The five-steps in this process are:

  • Creating an External User
  • Adding Users to Channel

Creating an External User

First things first, follow the instruction by Microsoft to create a free Teams account for work. This will be the teams account for the guest you are trying to invite in your workspace. Skip the step if you are inviting someone who already has a team’s account.

Adding Users to Your Microsoft 365 Workspace

Go to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center for your organization’s Microsoft workspace.

Then go to Users -> Guest Users and you should be able to see the image shown below.

For the upcoming step, lot of companies already have this option toggled on but we need to ensure that it is toggled on your organization as well.

First Manage click on “Manage ‎Teams‎ settings” and toggle on the “Allow Gues Access in Teams”

Additionally, review the settings in Microsoft Teams Amin Portal to ensure everything looks good. Go to Microsoft Teams Admin Portal -> Users -> Gues Users and ensure “Allow guest access in Teams” is turned on.

Lastly, go back to Microsoft 365 Guest User settings, and “Add a guest user” and follow the standard invite the user to your workspace.

Adding Users to Jetdocs

Process to add guest users to Jetdocs is fairly simple.

Simply login to your teams account, from there, go to Teams -> Jetdocs -> Add Member and you can search for the member you just added to your Microsoft environment and add them to your Jetdocs workspace.