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Unify your Slack Experience

For Slack

Use ⚡/jetdocs in a DM or Channel or the ‘+’ sign beside the message bar to summon Jetdocs shortcuts. 

How do I add Jetdocs to Slack?

First navigate here and click Add to Slack. 

Jetdocs should appear in your apps on the left. If it does not, click Browse Apps to have it pinned.

How are users added?

Jetdocs fetches a list of members in your organziation when it is installed. Admins in your account are able to manage role permissions by heading to Jetdocs App > Home > Role Permissions.

How do I see Approve/Reject, Complete or Self-Assign buttons in Slack?

When a request is submitted, it will follow the workflow rules set out in the Catalog Builder. 

If approval steps have been enabled, Approve/Reject will appear for the user the ticket has been routed to. 

If you are part of a General Queue, you will be notified when a new ticket enters and have the ability to self-assign.

If neither of those options are set, but the ticket is routed to you, a Complete button will appear.

Fully Integrate with Teams

For Teams

Add Jetdocs as a tab application in any group chat or channel.

How do I add Jetdocs to Teams?

Jetdocs can be added to Teams in two locations: AppSource or in the Apps section within Teams.

What are best practices for setting up my Catalog?

Best practice is to use a low traffic channel or create your own channel to configure categories & templates before adding it to a global channel (where everyone is notified).

You are welcome to change the name of Jetdocs when you add it to a tab. For example, “user access request”, “intake”, “facilities request”, depending on which channels it’s added to and your use case. 

What happens if I add Jetdocs to multiple channels? How does Jetdocs fetch users?

You can add Jetdocs in multiple places and the application will provide the same experience regardless of which Jetdocs tab you enter from.

⭐Importantly, imagine Jetdocs has been added to two channels. If there are 10 users in Channel A and 15 different users in Channel B, the list of Jetdocs users in Role Permissions will show the combined user list (25).

Connect the Apps that Matter

For Zapier

Use Jetdocs triggers such as New Ticket or New Comment to create an action in another application via Zapier.

What triggers does Jetdocs support?

Jetdocs supports:

  • New Ticket
  • New Comment
  • Ticket Status Change
  • Ticket Reassign
  • Ticket Edit
How do I connect Zapier to Jetdocs?

There are 3 main steps to get your Jetdocs <> Zapier integration working:

1. Go to your Profile in Your Hub and generate/copy your API connection key

2. Next, when you’re creating your Zap in Zapier, you will be asked to connect your account. Paste your API key and cotinue.

3. Lastly, you will be asked to add a “tag” in Zapier that matches your template in Jetdocs. For example if it was a legal request Zap pushing to Box, you may add “nondisclosure” in Zapier and also add that to your template in the Jetdocs Catalog builder. You can add multiple tags in Jetdocs separated by a comma.

How many Zaps can I send?

Zapier offers both free and paid plans with varying degrees of zaps, tasks/month and update times. Check out https://zapier.com/app/billing/plans for more information.

Submit tickets from anywhere

External Portal

Embed or link to your custom catalog anywhere. Externally submitted tickets will be routed automatically to the correct person in your organization.

What is the External Portal?

With Jetdocs, you can now toggle workspaces to be external facing, whether this is for an external customer, or for users that don’t have access to your existing Catalog (e.g. a warehouse employee that doesn’t have a Slack or Teams account).

This will allow you to embed a custom catalog on your website (or link to it). When a customer submits a ticket, it will flow through Jetdocs as it normally does. Plus, the user will get an email where they can track the status/progress.

Reach out to the Jetdocs team to learn more

Common Questions Across Platforms

General FAQ

Turn into a Jetdocs expert in minutes

What is Jetdocs?

Jetdocs is a unified employee experience that handles all types of internal requests, tickets, issues and approvals. By integrating where you’re already working (Slack & Teams) users can quickly submit self-serve requests and have them routed to the right expert in your organization for resolution or approval.

What does Jetdocs replace?

Many companies rely on general messaging threads or group inboxes to triage, assign and keep track of requests. Issues arise when they become cross-functional, when multiple steps are involved, require tracking different statuses and generally, having them completed on time. 

With Jetdocs, you can ensure the right information is passed through requests, the right person handles the matter and there is 100% accountability and visibility into every request/ticket.

How long does it take to get set up?

Jetdocs is deisgned to be set up in minutes, not months. With one-click installation, no-code Catalog builders and single-sign-on (SSO) through O365 or Slack, it is reasonable to get your company started same day.

Does Jetdocs have a web application?

Yes! In addition to navigating to Jetdocs through Slack or directly within Teams, you can access your Jetdocs environment here: https://teams.jetdocs.io/

Bot notifications are still sent in Slack/Teams; however, you can enable email notifications if you’d like to be sent emails with deep links to your requests/tickets.

What do email notifications look like?

Email notifications contain relevant information about the request/ticket, as well as a deep link that will bring you to the related request.

How should I ask for support?

There are a few different ways to get in contact. To ask a question, feel free to use the chat bubble in the bottom right. For product feedback, click Launch Notes at the top of this page. If you prefer email, you can reach us at onboarding@jetdocs.io